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Pricing Services

Global pricing data from a broad range of markets

Interactive Data delivers end-of-day, intra-day and real-time data from markets around the world, seamlessly providing you with the mission-critical information needed to value your diverse portfolios and power your financial applications.

Interactive Data collects, edits, maintains and delivers pricing and pricing-related data from more than 450 markets and exchanges around the globe. This information includes bid and offer, last trade, open and close, high and low and volume data.

  • End-of-day pricing data, available from 120 markets and exchanges around the globe, is delivered to clients as the markets close.
  • Intra-day pricing data, collected from more than 50 equity markets covering Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, is available at half-hour snapshots during the business day, from 05:00 GMT to 23:00 GMT, and 24:00 ET to 18:30 ET.
  • Real-time market data from a broad range of global sources can be delivered to clients at a range of speeds, including streaming data and low and ultra-low latency data.
  • Consolidated pricing for iBoxx family of indices, delivered end-of-day and intra-day.
  • Daily pricing for the electronic version of the Daily Official List (eDOL) from Interactive Data (Europe) Ltd. and the London Stock Exchange, which are the official prices accepted by Inland Revenue in the UK for taxation purposes.
  • Weekly pricing information for the electronic version of the Weekly Official Intelligence (eWOI), which provides detailed dividend and security information for all securities listed on the London Stock Exchange.