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Industry Insights

Interactive Data in ETF agreement with Vanguard Financial Times July 2013

Webcast: Valuations - Toward Real-Time Evaluated Pricing A-Team 2013-06

Q and A: Toward On-Demand Evaluated Pricing A-Team 2013-06

Whitepaper: IFRS 13 and the Use of Independent Evaluations Interactive Data 2013-06

TABB Group Report: Energy Futures -- Traders' Requirements of Tomorrow TABB Group 2013-06

Real-Time Bond Prices & the Push for Liquidity - A TABB FORUM Interview with Interactive Data's Mark Hepsworth. TABB Group 2013-05

A roundtable Video: Insights on the current and future impacts of the Group of 20-mandate financial market reform agenda Interactive Data 2013-05

Pricing and Valuations Special Report Inside Reference Data 2013-04

European Sovereign Debt Crisis: Update - March 27, 2013 Interactive Data 2013-03

Special Report: Systematic Trading 2013 HedgeWeek 2013-03

Analyst Webinar Replay: Asia-Pacific -- Electronic Trading's New Frontier Interactive Data 2013-03

The Evolving Nature of Corporate Actions, contributed blog post by Charlie Price SWIFT Dialogue Website 2013-03

The Truth About LEIs: What You Need to Know! A DerivSource Podcast sponsored by Interactive Data 2013-03

Derivatives Trade Reporting - Sink or Swim, an update from Interactive Data Interactive Data 2013-03

Analysis: Municipal Securities Regulatory Predictions for 2013 The Bond Buyer 2013-02

Analysis: 2012 Regulatory Changes in the Municipal Securities Market The Bond Buyer 2013-01

Delving Into the Value Riddle -- Companies Press for a Closer Look Behind Valuations of Hard-to-Price Assets -- By Emily Chasan The Wall Street Journal 2013-01

Webinar Replay: IFRS13 - What Is It and What Do I Need to Do? Interactive Data 2012-12

C&E Webinar Replay: Global Oil & Gas Market Overview, Featuring Platts Interactive Data 2012-12

Webinar Replay: NY Close Evaluations for International Fixed Income 2012-11

Australian Fixed Income ETF Potential KangaNews 2012-09

C&E Webinar Replay: Optimize Your Risk/Reward Options Trading Interactive Data 2012-06

Is Your Data Infrastructure Solvency II Ready? ReferenceDataReview 2012-04

LEIs - Increasing Usability & Benefits of the New Standardised Identifier A DerivSource Podcast sponsored by Interactive Data 2012-03

OTC Markets: Increasing Transparency in the Valuation Process Interactive Data 2011-12

How Innovative Investment Data Technology Is Helping Advisors Adapt and Thrive Amid Changing Client Expectations Interactive Data 2011-11

The intelligent way to build customer loyalty BobsGuide 2011-11

New demands on financial service providers Interactive Data 2011-10

Fair value adjusted iiVs for global equity etFs SIFMA Asset Management Update Newsletter 2011-06

The BondEdge Fixed Rate Prepayment Model Update 2011-05

Fair Valuation of Residential Whole Loans 2011-05

The Content Cloud: A Silver Lining for Traders? FIXGlobal 2010-12

Municipal Entity Data: Get Ahead of the Next Potential Crisis 2010-12

Stepping Up to the Plate: Dialog of a roundtable panel of industry leaders to discuss best practices firms are practicing around evaluated pricing Risk 2010-10

Interactive Data 7ticks Expands Into Asia FIA 2010-07

Interactive Data's Cloud Can Enable Financial Institutions to Rapidly and Cost Effectively Develop and Deploy Data Applications Interactive Data 2010-06

The Road to Zero Latency Inside Market Data 2010-05

High-Frequency Trading - Special Report Waters 2010-05

Meeting Multiple Demands for Transparency in the Valuation of OTC Derivatives 2010-05

Co-location Performance Management and Technology Innovation for Ultra-Low Latency Trading A-Team 2010-04

Build America Bonds – Market Overview and BondEdge Approach 2010-04

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Announce the Purchase of Seriously Delinquent Loans – Effects within BondEdge 2010-04

Setting the Mark: Best Practices for Fund Boards' Oversight of Valuation BoardIQ 2010-03

What is My Entity Exposure? 2010-03

Data and Applications à la Carte Compass 2010-02

Interactive Data Report: Observations from the 2010 American Securitization Forum Conference 2010-02

Primary and Secondary Mortgage Rate Trends in Today’s Economy 2010-01

Supporting customers throughout securities class actions lifecycle 2009-11

Flexibility: The Key to Addressing the Evolving Needs of the Exchange-Traded Structures Markets connect 2009-11

Leveraging Cutting-edge Market Data Technologies for Greater Efficiencies and Lower Costs 2009-11

The End of “All” or “Nothing” — How North American Brokerage Firms Can Realize Greater Efficiencies with New Market Data Workstation Technology 2009-10

Transparency in the Valuation Process 2009-10

Membership Has It's Privileges - Business Entity Data 2009-10

The TALF Program - Financial Market Impact and Loan Valuation Considerations 2009-10

Corporate Actions Reference Data Review - An A-Team Group Publication 2009-09

Fixed Income - Special Report Inside Market Data 2009-09

Market Data – Methods for Managing Costs in Tough Times A-Team Group 2009-09

Building High Frequency Trading Systems – (summary and webcast) 2009-09

The Right Data in the Right Place at the Right Time: The Challenge of Corporate Actions A-Team Group 2010-09

Algorithmic Trading: Attracting the Buy Side A-Team Group 2009-06

Securing Success in Booming Wealth Management Markets June 2009

Traders Eye Emerging Markets, European Market Transparency A-Team 2009-06

Are You Ready for the Options Symbology Initiative? 2009-04

Just in Time - Current Trends in Risk Management Data Supply connect 2009-04

Broker Basis Reporting Requirements Brings New Set of Challenges 2009-03

Evaluated Prices - Special Report Inside Reference Data 2009-03

Valuations of complex OTC derivatives and structured products A-Team OTC Valuations Vendors Directory 2009-02

Focus on Data - An Integral Part of Risk Management Global Securities Lending 2008-12

Lessons Learned: Emerging Best Practices Amid the Financial Crisis BoardIQ 2008-12

Fragmented Liquidity Underscores Need for Consolidated Market Data A-Team Industry Briefing 2008-10

What Fund Boards Should Know about "Home Bias" Fund Directions 2008-10

Innovations for Wealth Management Compass 2008 -10

Building Customer Loyalty with Web 2.0 tools Compass 2008-09

Data Quality and Timeliness: The Key to Corporate Actions Risk Mitigation Reference Data Review Corporate Actions Report 2008-08

Corporate actions standards: Would industry cooperation make the difference? Inside Reference Data Corporate Actions Special Report 2008-08

New Models for Managing Market Data Inside Market Data Capacity Report 2008-06

Tackling the Challenges of Direct Exchange Data A-Team Low-Latency Report 2008-06

Low-Latency: Are You Performing A-Team 2008-06

Corporate Actions: A Question of Standards Inside Reference Data Corporate Actions Special Report 2008 2008-04

Class Actions: How to Find the Perfect Balance Inside Reference Data Corporate Actions Special Report 2008-04

Interactive Data Corporation Expands Offerings for Global Wealth Managers connect 2008-04

A Holistic Approach to Risk Management 2008-03

What's Fueling Demand for Independent Evaluations? Inside Reference Data Evaluations Special Report 2008-03

Adapting to the Changing Low Latency Landscape Inside Market Data Hosting, Latency and Capacity Rport 2008-03

Tackling the challenges of sourcing direct exchange data A-Team Lo- Latency Report 2008-03

Leveraging Reference Data for a Holistic Approach to Risk Management A-Team Risk and Compliance 2008-02

Interactive Data's PlusFeed Supports Algo Trading A-Team: Low-Latency -- Are You Performing? 2008-02

Interactive Data's PlusFeed delivers data support for advanced algorithmic trading strategies Fund Alternatives 2008-01

Hosting Data Party Inside Market Data Special Report 2007-12

Assess the Risks - Key Strategies for Overseeing Derivatives BoardIQ 2007-12

What's driving reference data? Reference Data Review FIMA Report 2007-11

Cause & FX: Taking a closer look at the issue of latency e-Forex 2007-10

Measuring Data Latency in the Ultra-Low Latency Space A-Team: Low-Latency - Are You Performing? 2007-09

Clarifying Financial Information with Visualization Tools Compass 2007-09

Bolster Key Defenses - Nine Strategies for Identifying Mutual Fund Risks BoardIQ 2007-06

Finucane's Theory of Evolution Inside Market Data 2007-06